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How to Set Up a Construction Site from Vision to Reality

Building Construction Site

How to set up a construction site from your vision to reality involves a lot of elements. You must make yourself ready with all the ins and outs of this kind of business venture.

We have prepared a quick checklist that can guide you and your contractor on your journey. May this blog post provide you the necessary things that will help you and the whole team to perfect or maybe near-perfect your construction activity.

Step 1: Get ready!

Readiness is key to success to set up a construction site.

We can’t move further if say for example your finances are not yet enough for this project. Maybe the property has incomplete documents that would require a lawyer first before proceeding with your plans.

These are just some of the examples you might overlook.

Check everything even the simplest of things so that before pushing through your project, these had already been resolved.

Step 2: Build your dream team.

When you are done with the nitty-gritty issues to resolve regarding finances, property, etc. and yourself, next is to prepare your team members.

It’s time to build your dream team or tap on the contractor of your choice.

You have to choose first your architect. This is the guy who will create the designs you want for your house or building for your business.

The architect will create your vision and translate it on a more detailed plan complete with dimensions and stuff. He can also provide you a budgetary cost estimate.

He can give you a clear bird’s eye view of how it will look like. He can also provide you suggestions if let’s say your vision will not likely become as good as you imagine it.

However bizarre you want your house or building will look like; chances are your architect can provide clarity to how you envision it to be.

Next, find a good builder – your engineer. He’s the person who will be responsible to build it.

Your engineer will be the one to supervise if the blueprints created by your architect are properly followed by the construction builders.

You can also hire additional team players like a landscape architect. This person will determine the flow of the exterior and overall surroundings of your house or building.

You can tap on people individually, but be prepared for a higher cost to pay for the services they will render.

You can also get a company who can provide all the services that you will need.

Quick tip!

Aside from the “kakilala system”, you can opt to bid your project so you can get the best price possible. Try to join forums and FB groups so you’ll have an idea on this.

Also, it helps that you check if they have Professional Regulation Commission or PRC license.

It’s a kind of license that is issued by the Philippine government that legalizes this person to provide the service that you need.

Remember that you’re paying for their experience so better hire prime professionals only.

Step 3: Construction phase

This is the exciting part!

The construction phase is the part wherein the key players along with their team strategically build your construction project.

Just to make sure that all is well, get a detailed construction technical specification prior the construction phase.

This is a copy of the specific details that will be used for the project.

It consists of all of the details that will be used like what type of wood, its size, and dimensions, what specific brand, etc. or what kind of paint used and how many coats to put, etc. etc. etc.

If the contractor failed to follow the detailed construction technical specification, you have all the reasons to complain and get a back job out of it.

You can also hire a project manager to serve as your watchdog during the construction phase.  

Step 4: The turn over process

Hurray! We’ve come to the part where the contractor will turn over the finished product.

In this part, get the punch list from the contractor. It’s actually a checklist of everything you specified.

Were they able to follow the detailed construction technical specification?

Also, get a copy of the as-built plan. It’s the kind of document that shows you the changes made midway the construction phase.

Aside from these, get more information from the contractor regarding government permits, the need for occupancy permits like electric and water, and after utility provisions.

Step 5: Enjoy the fun!

Best of all, enjoy the journey! This is your vision. Savor it and celebrate your achievement.

You can follow these steps again on your next construction project.

JAGAN is here to help your contractor

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Part of the preparation, all systems must be running smoothly for the entire duration of your contractor’s heavy equipment to do those tough jobs.

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