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The Importance of Heavy Equipment Parts Industry

Backhoe Heavy Equipment

Key Economic Player

As the Philippine government ramps up major infrastructure projects under its Build, Build, Build (BBB) Program. Both the public and private sectors in one way or another became more involved in the construction industry.  These include heavy equipment parts manufacturers and suppliers who play an essential role in supporting the administration’s economic agenda of creating a “Golden age of infrastructure.” The industry helps ensure the bulldozers, backhoes, tower cranes, excavators, and other heavy construction machinery that motorists and commuters see in the metropolis and rural areas function efficiently.

How so, one might ask? Let us look and understand the importance of the heavy equipment parts industry in the Philippines. But before we go into that, it is equally important to know what these heavy equipment parts are.

Some of the general components of these heavy equipments that breaks from constant use are batteries, engine starters, belts, air filters, fuel injectors, hydraulic filters, hoses, spark plugs, trencher attachments, oil filters. We need to replace these parts and constant check-up to maintain the best performance of the heavy equipments.

They are a must especially in large infrastructure projects much like spare tires and fan belts for car drivers.

Reduces Downtime

Having heavy equipment parts at your disposal spells the difference between experiencing costly construction delays and ensuring timely completion of multimillion projects.

Imagine what would happen when you have to import and wait for the replacement of broken parts to arrive after several weeks or even months if they are not available? Construction will come to a full stop, causing operational nightmares and millions in overhead expenses. Moreover, in most cases, like rust. A defective part also affects or causes damage to other essential parts. Local heavy equipment parts suppliers help reduce downtime and ensure projects do not completely grind to halt. By having essential parts readily available, they also minimize safety risks to heavy equipment operators and machinery.

Quality Control

The heavy equipment parts industry in the Philippines is in for the long haul. As such, products are sourced from reliable local and overseas manufacturers that routinely undertake a series of performance tests and quality control checks on every component before products are shipped out. This ensures replacement parts function at an optimum level.  


Over the years, heavy equipment parts suppliers and manufacturers have become essential partners of Triple A construction companies. These companies recognize the impact of taking pro-active maintenance of their machines. They often procure replacement parts before the existing ones become unusable to keep their machinery in top shape and extend their lifespan. Regular maintenance prevents costly delays and added operating expenses.

The Right Partner

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