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Importance of Repairing Heavy Equipments Before Buying A New One

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The huge impact and importance of repairing heavy equipment before buying a new one must not be overlooked by any contractor in the business.

So stop for a moment. Read and think about this.

We’ve listed things you have to consider first before doing your next purchase of any piece of heavy equipment.

We’ll provide you insights about how well your equipment can still be repaired, and know the signal as to when is the best time to buy a new baby equipment.

Care to read the things we outlined below and enjoy.

It maximizes the use of its warranty.

If you purchased brand new equipment, more often than not there’s a warranty that goes along with the purchase.

Use it when needed. Sometimes there’s coverage for changing spare parts and its labor costs. This saves you time and money because they’re going to take care of everything provided that it’s within the contract.

Some manufacturers even offer free check-ups on your big vehicle to do preventive measures. Use this privilege as well.

They even give recommendations like a regular maintenance schedule. This is also a good way of maximizing the warranty for your equipment.

You’re giving your budget room to breathe.

Instead of buying immediately, that will cost you tons off of your budget, you’re doing yourself and your business a favor.

Spare parts don’t cost that much as buying new equipment. Not unless the damages are too many.

If the total value of repair is 40% of the price of procuring a new vehicle, that’s the time you might opt for getting another heavy machinery.

It increases your heavy equipment’s efficiency.

Yes, that’s right. The moment that you detect something’s wrong with your equipment and you’ve done the necessary fixing, you are giving your machine ways to perform better.

You are sure that all systems are working properly. With this, you’re prolonging its high productivity and efficiency. 

Regular maintenance keeps the construction site a safe place.

It’s better to keep a regular maintenance schedule on all your equipment. In this way, you have a keen eye for which vehicle needs more of your attention.

Having regular maintenance on all your heavy equipment prompts that you’re organized and proactive.

It also gives an idea that not only the equipment is running smoothly, but also the team running your machines are competent workers.

It’s critical to miss this very essential part of preventative maintenance in the construction business. 

If you didn’t include this as a habit, it will cause so much trouble on your machines. There will be a domino effect of inconveniences to you, your team and your projects.

It’s better to have one foot ahead than be sorry for what you’ll miss.

JAGAN recommends repairing it first.

A businessman must know how to play his cards well or shall we say how he will manage his finances to address the needs of his business properly.

In JAGAN Enterprises, well, we prefer you to consider repairing what can still be repaired and see if the heavy equipment can still be revived to its optimum.

It’s a biased proposition, but we think it’s a more economical way to do it.

Never fail to tend to the immediate needs and repairs of your heavy equipment. You’re going to miss a lot of opportunities that you and the company should be focusing on more.

For all the heavy equipment parts for your backhoe, bulldozer, payloader, forklift, and the whole lot, our company can accommodate you on this. We’re ready to assist you as always! Take time to check related articles on our website: How To Start a Heavy Equipment Business in the Philippines, 5 Reasons To Buy Used Heavy Equipment For Your Construction Project, Things to Know In Buying or Selling Used Heavy Equipment

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