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Tips in Finding the Best Heavy Equipment

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Excavator Jagan Enterprises This week, we’ll give you some tips in finding the best heavy equipments in the Philippines.

This is hard work. Yes!

The contractor must check every compartment and every piece of equipment to make sure that the vehicle’s workflow will be running well.

Although rough and messy, the construction site must be a haven where all heavy equipment are working properly.

There are actually many useful tips and simple hacks that you can find all over the internet.

We’ll help you know what key things you must not overlook whenever you’re on the lookout for that new backhoe, excavator, or tractor that will complete your heavy equipment ensemble.

What we have outlined below are the main components that you need to check when buying for equipment. In this case, we take the excavator as our example because it has all these components. The excavator is also one of the mainly used heavy equipments in the Philippines.

1.) Engine

With the engine, you only need to see if there’s oil and air coming out especially if there’s excessive oil and smoke coming out of it when you fire the engine up.

Open up the oil compartment and check if there’s a blow-by. Blow-bys are caused by a leaking cylinder past the piston rings going to the crankcase, which causes the oil to spill and smoke to come out.

If there are instances such as these, don’t buy the equipment.

2.) Swing Motor

The swing motor is also called the hydraulics motor. It’s the big motor right at the center. It’s the one responsible in creating those turning movements of the excavator boom.

This area is quite exposed in the machine. But like the engine, all you need to check if there’s oil in it.

Also check if there are oil leaks as well. 

3.) Swivel Motor

Well, not so many people know where it’s located. This motor is found underneath the equipment.

Similarly, check if there are oil leaks coming out of the motor. It is really very important to do so. This is a major red flag which applies to all when finding the best heavy equipment.

4.) Undercarriage

This is located at the lower substructure of the equipment. Try to run it and feel if you can comfortably lift yourself up. Observe if you hear some excessive noise or any kind of squeaking. 

The same goes with the tract pads, they should be moving up and down harmoniously and not flapping back and forth.

When you stop the engine, check if the sprockets are right to a point so that the rollers will move at ease and accurately.

Check the top and bottom rollers. The more rollers there are means the heavier the equipment is.

Feel the bushings of the machine as well. They must be round and smooth. If they’re curved and looks elongated, it’s time to change them.

Also make a quick check with the stick and bucket. Repairs are inevitable if there are loose connections that you might notice especially at the connection points between that area.

There are a lot to observe, but these things are very important so you’ll know the undercarriage’s capacity.

5.) Final drives

The final drives are the motors responsible in moving and rotating the tracks.

When you open the plug, check if there are metal filings surrounding it. Touch it if there’s oil in it as well. If there aren’t any, don’t do the purchase.

Also remember, the gear oil level should always be half full. 

JAGAN Enterprises is here to serve!

Finding the best heavy equipments in the Philippines is always critical in every construction job. Regardless if you’ll purchase a brand new one or a used heavy equipment, it doesn’t matter.

As long as its spare parts are all in good condition, nothing could go wrong.

Go on and make a quick check now on all your equipment.

If you think there’s a need to change some of the worn-out parts, our company is ready to provide for you.

In JAGAN Enterprises, we make sure that all the spare parts you would need are available for purchase.

We only provide you the best brands that suit your heavy equipment needs.

Talk to us now and we’ll assist you. Our customer service is ready to take your calls.

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