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Your Quick Guide to Backhoe Spare Parts

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Yes indeed! We put all together some quick facts you need to know about backhoe and its spare parts.

We made it handy so you can always come back here whenever you’ll need it. Don’t hesitate to check your equipment if any of the spare parts mentioned below are in the brink of breaking down.

With this, maintenance will come easy and you’re doing your backhoe space to breathe.

Not only that, if you’re quick to spot what’s going on in your heavy equipment the chances of increasing its productivity becomes higher.

Remember, backhoes are one of the most reliable and ever dependable pieces of heavy equipment in the construction field. I guess without it, projects won’t be done as fast as they can. Backhoes are pretty essential in the site so you better have a good maintenance team to run through a scheduled checkup and a good understanding on what, when, and where to check if things go wrong.

Track Roller

These are motion transmission components designed to work with all varieties of tracks. They see use in conveyor systems, cam drives, and a wide range of similar material handling systems


Backhoe excavators have two types of bucket – one is found at the front and the other one is at the rear end. They both perform the same function of lifting up debris that needed to be taken out from the earth.

If your buckets got tired of their scooping abilities, they won’t be able to finish on time. Make sure to send them for repair the soonest you can.

Oil Pump Assembly

The oil pump assembly refers to the internal combustion engine. It’s where the heart of the machine is located. Like in any other vehicle, this is where lubrication, engine oil circulation and those other similar functions take place.

If any of these parts get into trouble and you let it by, expect the worst case scenario.

Track Link

It’s comprised of small rollers held together by side links. A spiked ring-like spare part called sprockets make them move. If the chain roller retires, then the chain drive transmission will be underperforming. So don’t take second chances. Bring them to your preferred maintenance team.

Bucket Cylinder

These cylinders support the whole heavy equipment. They also aid the tilting function and in and out movement of the machine. If any of the cylinders fail to function properly, swinging your backhoe might become very hazardous so better be safe and give them a checkup.

Boom Cylinder

The boom serves like an arm to your backhoe. It gives a steady support when your backhoe is in a lifting operation.

If the arm is broken, a full load of gravel or sand will be very difficult to raise at a certain level. So like your arm, take care of it so it can serve you well.

Arm Cylinder

The arm cylinder aides the boom to have better angling whenever it’s picking up something. If it’s not functioning well, then it might pick up the wrong materials. Save yourself the hassle and have it fixed immediately.

Side link

As what the term means, side links serve as joints of the equipment. They give added support to keep the bucket and its boom in place. If the side links are broken and you didn’t take action in mending them, disablement of the parts mentioned will be the worst next headache.

Track Pad

The track pad also known as the grouser pad functions to increase the backhoe’s traction. If your track pad is worn out, the grip of your heavy equipment towards the ground will be loosened. So quit the drag and call your repair team to fix it.

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Finding the best supplier or shop for all these spare parts demands a lot of patience because you need to sort out which items fit your requirement. Items must be of good quality and very affordable.

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